We boldly embrace the richness of traditional Indian flavours, reimagined with a contemporary twist. Dive into an enhanced dining experience where each dish packs a little extra "oomph". While our culinary inspirations are deeply rooted in time-honored recipes, we also value the exhilarating moments created when phenomenal food meets good company. Experience the passion of our heritage and the innovation of the present, all on one plate.
The Essence of The Curry Club Signature

Heartfelt Hospitality

We welcome every guest with a warm embrace and an excitement to delight.

Top-Notch Taste

We strive to make our customers take a pause with every bite and exclaim, “Wow.”

Refreshing Ideas

The creative imagination behind our culinary ensemble strives to delightfully surprise each and every one of our customers.

Pursuit of Perfection

While we know culinary perfection might be an elusive chase, that's not stopping us from trying.

The Man Behind The Vision

Meet the sons of Mr Raj, the driving forces behind The Curry Club Signature. From family recipes to pioneering modern Indian dining, their journey is a fusion of tradition and innovation. The story finds its roots in their father, Mr. Raj. Once an airline steward, he embarked on a culinary journey that led to authentic Singaporean Indian flavors capturing the hearts of the South Indian community, and from there, the family's culinary legacy was born.

Walking in their father's footsteps, the brothers sought to blend time-honored traditions with contemporary zest, leading to the rise of The Curry Club Signature. A realm where classics meet contemporary. Their passion for Singaporean Indian cuisine, enriched by the region's diverse influences, pushes boundaries. The Curry Club Signature is more than a restaurant; it's a tribute to traditions, while fearlessly embracing the new.

Our Culinary Ensemble

At the heart of The Curry Club Signature kitchen is Head Chef Saumya Khuntia. With a 18 years of culinary experiences from across Asia and the Middle East, Chef Saumya's expertise forms the cornerstone of our innovative approach. His journey has seen intersections with esteemed culinary talents, including the renowned Dave Pynt. Yet, what truly defines our kitchen is the ensemble. Each person adds their own touch, blending old Indian traditions with new methods. Together, they serve dishes that combine the best of the past and present. In the realm of service, our team emphasizes genuine hospitality and attentiveness.

Led by Patrick Venderwall, our Venue Manager with nearly two decades of experience from premier Singapore establishments, we're dedicated to making every meal a cherished memory. Here, the art of service isn't just about attending to your needs, but anticipating them, making your dining experience both intimate and exquisite.